The Best Electric Tillers

Tillers are used to control weeds, cultivate the soil, and add fertilizer. Backhoes, shovels, and rakes can be used as well, but tillers are more convenient and faster. Although there are several power levels of tillers, from electric to gas, to tractor-powered, electric tillers are by far the most common and affordable. At the low end, you’ll find battery-operated tillers that are easy to use but they won’t give you a great deal of power. At the upper end, you’ll find electric tillers with power to spare, which allows you to till up to 4 acres per hour.

Generally speaking, tillers are an old gardening staple, and they can be used to plow through vegetables, weeds, and garden debris. Earlier, these machines used to be heavy, gas-powered machines that operated with the help of rubber wheels in a track system. But these days, with smart technology and a focus on more environmental-friendly gardening practices, electric tillers have stepped into the picture. These electric tillers can help you harvest, weed, till, and fertilize your vegetable garden effortlessly. That said, here are the best electric tillers that you can take a look at for your gardening purposes. 

Sun Joe TJ603E Electric Tiller

The TJ603E Electric Tiller is built to last, with a 3-year warranty. The 6-1/2-inch tilling width and 9-inch tilling depth allow you to till right up to the edge of raised beds without planting right up to the edge, so there’s room to grow (and save some space) between rows. The 15-amp motor delivers unbeatable power for effortless tilling that will get the job done quickly and with the least amount of effort.

Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller

The Earthwise ET420 Corded Electric Tiller is a mid-range electric tiller, perfect for small properties, and includes all the basic features you want. It has a 12-inch tilling width, a 28-volt battery, and a ground drive system. It can till up to 2,800 square feet, with a maximum depth of 12 inches. Its 8-amp motor has a 2-year warranty and is backed by a 5-year warranty for the battery.

Mantis Electric Tiller

Mantis tillers are those electric garden tools that are becoming extremely popular these days. They are powerful, durable, and very convenient to use. Also, they are maintenance-free, and you won’t have to spend hours in your garden manually tilling the soil with a hand tiller. These tillers can make our life very easy by tilling the soil and feeding plants the required nutrients.

Greenworks Corded Tiller 27072

If you’re looking for a professional-grade, corded tiller, Greenworks’ electric tiller 27072 is the best choice for you. The heavy-duty motor on this electric tiller offers 13.5 amp of power for efficient work. The 7-inch steel tines dig into the soil, splitting and pulverizing it to turn it easily over. The 1/2-inch hitch pin can attach to most large tractors, making it easy to hook up. And, in case you need to replace parts of this machine, Greenworks has replacement parts available online too.

Black + Decker Garden Cultivator/Tiller

Black + Decker is a household name for electric gardening tools, from leaf blowers to string trimmers, and recently they have announced two more tools. First up is the Garden Cultivator/Tiller, a cordless electric tiller that packs 16″ of “chucking” power. The Black + Decker Garden Cultivator/Tiller has an 80-volt Li-Ion battery that powers a 16″ steel tine that digs trenches and loosens the soil. The Garden Cultivator/Tiller was designed to make gardening easier, but let’s be real, we’re more interested in the way the handle looks.

Troy-Bilt Electric Garden Cultivator

If you’ve been thinking about adding an Electric Tiller to your tool collection, then the Troy-Bilt Electric Garden Cultivator (2-Cycle) is a good choice. This tiller is a great asset to have whether you’ve got a big garden or a smaller one. This tool has a 2-cycle, 14-inch cutting width, and 12-inch tilling depth and is perfect for tilling flower beds, vegetable gardens, and potting soil. It also comes with a 25-position rear wheel adjustment.

The importance of a tiller for a healthy garden is well known to most farmers and gardeners. It is much easier to garden when you have a tiller, especially when you are just starting out. By using a tiller, you will be able to break up the topsoil, till your soil, and weed your garden quickly and more efficiently. 

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