Who am i?

my story

Hey there! I am a small town girl from St Davids who’s into living a sustainable lifestyle and travelling to new places. My childhood wasn’t as bright and colourful as my parents were very protective which, looking back, I appreciate, but and never had the freedom to explore or even lead an independent life until recently. Everything changed when I started my online craft business and I moved to Canterbury having bought a flat. The bustling city life was quite attractive, but the pollution did not sit well with me. Some of my new city friends inspired me to take up sustainable living and it was so satisfying to be part of something wonderful. I started travelling with friends and even tried some solo trips which was really liberating. One of my friends encouraged me to start blogging, to tell the world about myself, the new girl in the city, her newfound freedom, and her love for adventures. Thus, here I am writing about life, grinning and proud!

Some Of My Experiences and Achievements

I cycled across St Davids to Canterbury, tried mountaineering and adventure hiking, and more importantly, finally had the courage to start blogging!   

My Mission

My mission is to encourage my readers to travel more, find a meaningful lifestyle that they love, and embrace sustainability as much as they can.

My Core Values

  • Sustainability Lifestyle
  • Travel Responsibly
  • Spreading Awareness

Isla Hughes