70s Fashion Trends That Are Popular Today

During the 1970s, fashion was dramatically different than today. People tended to dress conservatively, opting for solid colours or basic silhouettes. For the most part, women wore dresses or skirts until they were out of the house. One exception was a pair of bell-bottom jeans, which were incredibly popular in the ’80s. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and see just how ’70s fashion trends are currently popular.

Sometimes fashion repeats itself. Every decade or so, certain trends that become popular come back around. Sometimes those trends are looked fondly upon, while others are laughed at. In the 1970s, one such trend was bell bottoms. Bell bottoms were big, wide, and flared at the bottom. They were the butt of jokes, but they never really went away. Today, they are making a comeback. 70’s fashion is something that many people remember fondly, and since the 70s are back in style, you’ll see people rocking these looks all year round.

Maxi Boho Dresses with Bright Patterns

In the 1970s, the maxi dress reigned supreme. They were everywhere, from the runway to the red carpet. Today, they are just as popular, albeit in a modern, updated way. Maxi dresses come in a variety of styles and can be worn in a casual or dressy way. They can be colourful, or they can be neutral. They incorporate bright colours and patterns, giving women the chance to be bold, beautiful, and sparkly. Maxi dresses are super comfy, too.

The Hippie 

The hippie movement was one of the most influential movements of the 20th century, bringing peace and love as well as fashion. From tie-dye to maxi skirts, the hippie appearance found its way into everyday fashion. And although the hippie movement has come and gone, the style still lives on today. The hippies were one such movement, and their electric free spirit bred a new kind of fashion that lives on today. From bright-coloured hair to bell bottoms to flowers in their hair, the celebs of the 70s flaunted their hippie style. 

Rounded Toes Knee Boots 

Rounded toes, also known as toe flares, are a return to fashion from the 1970s. They were popular in the 1970s for wearing platform boots and are still popular today. Knee boots with rounded toes look great with skirts and jeans. These boots have pointed toes that grip the floor and will keep your feet secure. They look great with skirts, especially shorter ones, and with skinny jeans. These boots come in brown colour and a tan colour. They are comfortable and affordable. They are perfect to wear to work or everyday wear.

The Pantsuit

The pantsuit was one of the biggest fashion trends of the 1970s. The early 70s was when the pantsuit became an acceptable look, and women of all ages wore it. The pantsuit was perfect for women who needed something to wear to the office since the suit skirted just above the knee, and the padded shoulders ensured you were not overexposed. The trend also made a comeback in today’s fashion with women who made fashion statements by wearing the pantsuit with fringe boots, huge shoulder pads, and a choker.

The Denim Suit

The 1970s was a time of bold fashion choices, especially for denim. Designer jeans were all the rage for women, a trend that eventually led to the creation of his and her denim fashion lines. Women in the 70s wanted to look and feel like men, and denim served as the perfect pattern to inspire dressing in tight, tight clothing. The denim suit has become one of the most popular trends to hit the world of fashion and pop culture alike over the last few years. The denim suit, with its bell-bottom jeans, light button-up shirt, and wide-brimmed hat, became synonymous with the 70s and 80s, a golden age for fashion and music. The trend has largely been carried on by today’s youth and inspired the creation of many popular songs, movies, and television shows.

Bell-bottoms and Flared Pants

Many of the fashion trends from the 70s are popular again, including bell bottoms. Women wear flared pants today that look similar to the bell-bottom pants made famous in the 1970s. Women wear flared pants today that look similar to the bell-bottom pants made famous in the 1970s. The bell-bottom pants were popular because they allowed people to move freely and easily. Flared pants are typically high-waisted pants that have a straight leg. Bell-bottom pants are wide at the bottom; they flare out from the waist.

Crochets & Sweater Vests 

Most fashion trends seem to come and go, but some trends stick around and become part of the culture. One of the coolest fashion trends of the 70s was the sweater vest, probably because it was an easy way to add texture and colour to an outfit. More than that, though, it was practical too. The vest gave you a little extra warmth but none of the bulkiness of a jacket. Today, the vest is still around, and it’s more popular than ever.

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