Dos And Don’ts for First-Time Backpackers 

A backpacking experience is free of charge. The thrill of walking, climbing, and sleeping under the sky without proper shelter, with nothing but nature all around is more than enough to make you want to come back for more. 

Walking through the woods and mountains devoid of any lingering human sounds, except for birds chirping and an occasional owl hooting around, makes you feel like you are strolling in the Garden of Eden. The sight of beautiful lakes, rivers, mountains, and dense forests further mesmerizes your senses.

A backpack is your best friend when you’re exploring. Many backpackers swear by the fact that it’s a hard item to leave home without.

In recent years, backpacking has become more popular than ever. As the cost of international travel has become less prohibitive, more people are taking to the road for a short or longer period of time. Although backpacking is often associated with young people, it has grown in popularity among individuals in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.

The number of backpackers has exploded around the world in the past decade; it has grown so much that it is now being referred to as “the new luxury.” And when it comes to travel, adventure is a choice. But like anything in life, you should only go as far as you responsibly can – travel is no exception. Things can get out of hand if you do not plan your backpacking trip wisely.

In this article, we’ll be highlighting some dos and don’ts when it comes to backpacking, so that you’ll be able to do it sensibly.


Many people love backpacking because it’s a great outdoor adventure. However, not everyone likes the feeling of being cold, wet, or uncomfortable on the trek.

It’s important to be aware of the weather when backpacking. If you get caught unprepared, you may have to spend the night in the woods, which isn’t ideal. Make sure you’re prepared and packing the right gear can prevent that from happening.

When the weather is hot and humid, it’s especially important to avoid dehydration. You can do so by packing a reusable water bottle and wearing lightweight clothes made from breathable fabrics.

Carry the camera

When traveling abroad, you should always have your camera gear on you. Whether shooting in landscape, portrait, or macro mode, camera gear is a must to capture those candid and beautiful moments.

But carrying too much gear around will slow you down. How so? Oversizing your backpack will not only make this adventure less enjoyable, but it can also put unwanted stress on your body(nothing ruins a trip faster than a sore back).

Listen to your heart

An increasingly popular form of backpacking is hiking at your own pace; the term it refers to is a longer version of “hiking at your own pace.” This means exploring on your own schedule–not on anyone else’s. Instead of following a strict itinerary that someone else planned and paid for, you’re free to hike at whatever speed your body can handle.


Backpacking is a ton of fun and can be quite rewarding, but it can also be quite dangerous. Don’t take too many risks and plan your trip wisely.

Carry too much weight!

When you go backpacking, you get to go away and see the world, but carrying too much weight on your back will stop you from getting the experience you desire. Travelers carry backpacks full of essentials, but most are overloaded. Your goal should be to minimize your pack weight, not add to it. 

Lugging too much load down a mountain or trail can lead to unnecessary fatigue and injury, as well as force you to give up your backpacking trip early. Learn what to pack and which things you should leave behind.

Skip a meal

Whether you’re hitting the trail for a weekend of biking, hiking, or backpacking, don’t skip a meal when backpacking. The key is to eat small, nutritious meals throughout the day. This way, you’re not only fueling your body, but also your energy level when the trail gets tough.

Backpacking is a great lifestyle. It is something that keeps you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Everything comes down to how you are expanding your horizon of travel. Capture the heart and see the world through the lens of adventure. And as long as you are doing it in a safe and responsible way, you are bound to return with more positive memories!

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